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With over three decades of experience, we excel in adhesive production through bulk and toll manufacturing. Our commitment is to exceed your project’s demands with tailored adhesive solutions and facilitate the transition to production. From small batches to larger ones, we have the capability to meet your varying production needs. We bring precision to every formulation, ensuring solutions that meet your project’s unique demands. Partner with us and discover the difference expertise makes in adhesive innovation.
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specialized manufacturing services

Enter our specialized manufacturing services tailored to enhance your product range. With over three decades of expertise in the adhesive manufacturing field, we provide a customized array of manufacturing services meticulously designed to address the specific requirements of your applications. Your distinctive needs drive our unwavering commitment to delivering dependable solutions with a focus on precision and excellence.

Adhesive Production

Specializing in adhesive production, we excel in accommodating precise formulations, whether provided by the customer or developed specifically for your use case, through both bulk and toll manufacturing processes. Our commitment is to deliver tailored adhesive formulations, ensuring optimal performance for a variety of applications.

Tailored Cyanoacrylates for MECA-Based Applications

Discover our specialized cyanoacrylates customized for MECA-based applications. These adhesives are meticulously formulated to meet the specific requirements of projects involving Methacrylate, providing optimal compatibility and performance. Our UV capabilities enhance the versatility of these cyanoacrylates, offering solutions for various applications.

Batch Manufacturing

From small-scale batches to larger production runs, our manufacturing capabilities are flexible to accommodate varying project requirements. Whether you are launching a new product or need consistent batch production, we have the expertise and resources to meet your specifications.

UV Capabilities

Discover our UV capabilities for producing and filling cyanoacrylates. Our expertise in UV technology ensures efficient and precise processes from formulation to application, catering to the diverse needs of your projects

Outsourcing Solutions

Looking to outsource your product manufacturing? Partner with us to streamline your production process. Your product, your rules – we commit to facilitating the journey from concept to mass manufacturing. Leverage our expertise in new product introductions, and let us guide you through every step of the process.

Transition to Mass Production and New Product Introduction

Experience a seamless transition to mass production with our dedicated support. Your product, your rules – we commit to assisting you in every phase of the process, ensuring a smooth transition and successful new product introductions. Benefit from our expertise in navigating the complexities of mass production and innovation.

Specialized Support for Low Quantity Batches and Prototyping

We outperform not only in large-scale productions but also excel in low quantity batches and prototyping phases. Our comprehensive services offer a closed-loop solution, assisting you at every stage to deliver the quality your solution needs.

Quality Assurance and Standards

We accommodate Quality Control processes to match your specific standards, adhering to industry quality benchmarks. Our commitment to excellence extends to following all quality standards imposed, ensuring that your products meet the highest quality criteria.
Explore the difference that decades of manufacturing proficiency can make for your business. Whether you are seeking adhesive solutions, specialized formulations, or outsourcing services, we are here to elevate your production experience


Fast-curing, single-part adhesives for quick and reliable bonding.


Dual-part formulations, ideal for applications requiring exceptional strength and versatility


Cutting-edge UV-curing adhesives for precision bonding in various industries


High-viscosity formulations for controlled application and enhanced bonding performance

Rigorous QC Standards

Each cyanoacrylate variety undergoes meticulous quality checks, ensuring consistency and reliability

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